A Complete Eye Exam for Children

Dr. Lodenquai provides a complete eye exam for children. The exam includes a detailed physical and ocular history and a thorough evaluation of the visual system including the refractive state of the eyes (this determines whether you need glasses or not). She checks:

  • The oculomotor system (the movement and tracking ability of your eyes)
  • The focusing system
  • The teaming of the two eyes (how well the eye balls work together to offer clearer vision)
  • Your general eye health including glaucoma check, macular degeneration check, cataract check and others, depending on your situation and family history.

The pediatric eye exam also includes tests that are just for children:

  • Color vision test
  • Stereo test
  • Simple eye movement test
  • Other kid-friendly evaluations

The InfantSEE® Program

Altos Family Optometry is an InfantSEE® provider. This means that babies from 6 months to 12 months old receive a one-time, comprehensive free eye exam.

The Vision Care Institute of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care and the American Optometric Association joined together to create this program in order to provide no-cost professional eye care for infants across the country.

Through InfantSEE®, optometrists offer a complete eye assessment to infants in their first year of life, and allows parent’s to know that their infant’s vision is developing properly.