“She’s very patient, and takes the time to explain everything”

“Dr. Lodenquai may quite possibly be the Dr. Karen Ho of the optometric world.

She’s very patient, and take the time to explain everything you want to know. You feel like you’re the only patient she has when you’re there. She explains all your options, explains anything you want to know (I learned about diopters from Dr. Lodenquai on my last visit.)

A quaint little office, she doesn’t have a big selection of glasses, but she can order just about anything you want and use your insurance to credit towards it.”

Ed L.
San Bruno, CA
(Review Courtesy of Yelp.com)

“I’m very happy with the service there.”

“I tried out Altos Family Optometry for the simple reason that it is close (walking distance) from my house in Los Altos. Now I wonder why I didn’t use this logic before because it works, and I’m very happy with the service there. I have been wearing glasses since I was a teenager, now I’m middle age, and never really felt like prior service providers (optometrists) were the type of place that I’d recommend, more like a transactional experience. Altos Family Optometry is the opposite.

At first I ordered new glasses, prescription progressive bifocals, and found not only Dr. Lodenquai, but the entire staff there to be friendly and helpful. Service and communication are prompt and professional, they never kept me waiting, and I am so pleased that I recommended my wife try it too. She also bought some prescription glasses and then passed the recommendation to my older daughter, who bought some prescription glasses as well. That’s 3 pairs in 2 months and my wife and daughter are equally pleased.

On a recent visit, Dr. Lodenquai mentioned that there are new “mutlifocal” contact lenses that would be appropriate for me. I’ve never had contacts before because I didn’t know the technology would permit both distance and reading together. So I thought I would try them out. She helped me find the right brand and prescription and now I am surprised how wonderful contact lenses can be.

One nice thing is that they are happy to make appointments and are always right on time, which is very convenient. And there’s a frozen yogurt shop and Starbucks less then 30 seconds away to make a visit even nicer.

The Service is A+. I can recommend without reservation and expect to be going to Altos Family Optometry until I move away, or die of old age.”

Los Altos California
(Review Courtesy of Yelp.com)

“Dr. Lodenquai is by far my favorite.”

“Having worn glasses since I was in middle school (and now in my 40′s), I have visited many an eye doctor. Dr. Lodenquai is by far my favorite. Why? She is patient, knowledgable, clear, kind, interested, really cares about her patients and the health of their eyes and vision.

New to the area, I first found her through YELP, so many positive comments – I had to see for myself. I had been one of those who wore my contacts throughout the night never allowing my eyes to breathe (I am so blind that I hated opening my eyes to the blur) – she could tell this in our first eye exam. She gently but firmly explained the importance of allowing my eyes to breath, in the very least over night. She suggested I wear my glasses at night and in the morning – take your contacts out at night and just keep your glasses by the bedside – you’ll get used to it, and it is important. I did. She also helped me pick contacts that were the most breathable.

Dr. Lodenquai always asks me how I am doing, how my grandmother is doing…she remembers our conversations from way back. AND she really cares. AND I don’t think I am the only one she treats this way – it is simply her way. It’s kind of an old fashioned way, from a time where people stopped and looked you in the eye and really listened and shared. It is the way it should be, I think.

Her staff is a reflection of her, professional and personal – Pam, Jennifer and Jo have always been very helpful. Pam confirms my appointments and reminds me when my yearlys are coming up…Recently, Jennifer helped me try on about 20 pairs of glasses as I went back and forth between this and that one. I never got the sense that I was being too picky or slow. I so appreciated the time she took with me, and the help in choosing frames that I felt good in!

Today, I noticed a little table and chairs set up, with crayons and paper to color on. Such a sweet little area – Dr. Lodenquai had put this there for the children so that the mommies could get their exams while their toddlers played. She is a mom of three so knows the challenge of keeping young ones engaged while you are having to take care of “business”. This kind of thoughtfulness puts her and her staff above and beyond the rest.

I am very thankful and happy for having found Dr. Lodenquai!!”

Mia T.
Palo Alto, California

“She is very patient and provides wonderful service.”

“We are a family of 8 and have been seeing Dr. Lodenquai for a few years now. She is very patient and provides wonderful service. Her staff is very friendly and accomodates for our big and busy family!

The new location is lovely, and they provide a large selection of glasses for our whole family!

I reccomend her to all of our family and friends.”

Ruby C.
San Jose, CA